Getting Started

I want to book through travelmob. How does it work?

Before you book your accommodations, we recommend that you message the host on the travelmob on-site messaging system. This will ensure that all details of your accommodations and any questions you may have are clarified before you make the booking. Also, since some hosts are more responsive than others, we encourage you to send a message to several hosts.

Make your booking on the site where you will be charged in full using your credit card or PayPal account. This allows us to provide you with customer service before, during and after your trip. We will also be holding onto your payment until after you check-in. This ensures that we protect you that are common in online transactions. Also, following the travelmob Terms of Use, all contact information like phone numbers or email addresses is prohibited. This is for both your privacy.

After you book, a request will be sent to your host to accept or decline Once your booking is accepted, all contact details will be automatically exchanged so you can discuss details of your trip, including security deposits,key exchange, etc. The host will receive your payment 24 hours after you check-in.

I just arrived at my destination and I can't contact my host. What should I do?

Please contact us here and we will help you immediately. If you have any other problems during your stay, please contact your host directly.

How do you protect me from getting scammed?

When you complete your booking, travelmob will hold on to your payment and will only release it 24 hours after you check-in. This ensures that should you have any problems, you can contact us and we can redirect you to a different host. The only way we may not be able to help you is if you move the transaction out of the travelmob website. This is why as per the Terms of Use, all transactions must be done through the site.

How do I search for a specific type of accommodation?

1. On the search box, type your destination city.
2. Select your travel dates.
3. Select the number of people you are travelling with.
4. Select the type of accommodations you prefer (shared room, a private room or the entire place).
5. Click on Search.
On the Search Results page, you can further narrow down your search according to price, to the type of lodging (e.g. Do you want rent a private room or an entire house?) and to the type of holiday experience you want (e.g. Shopping in Hong Kong, Luxury villa in Bali, etc.)

Why doesn't the host have a profile or profile picture?

Some of the hosts do not complete their profile nor upload a picture. If you would like to get more information about your host before you book, you can always send them a message by clicking on the "Contact Host" button on the listing page. You can request your host to complete his profile and upload a picture.

Why can't I email or call the host before I book?

travelmob requires that all messaging between guests and hosts be handled through the site before a reservation is confirmed. This ensures that both you and the host maintain your privacy. In adherence to the travelmob Terms of Use, we can provide you with customer service and protection should you encounter any problems with your booking.

If you have specific information or requests you want to ask, you can contact the host using the on-site messaging system. Click on the "Contact Host" button on the listings page. When the host responds to your message, you will receive an email alert from travelmob with a link to the response. We strongly encourage you to keep all your communication with the host online. Any message that includes phone number or email address will be marked as red flag and will not be sent.

All contact information (address, phone number, email address) will be shared once the booking is confirmed.

If I can't email or host directly, how do I ask the host a question?

All communication between you and the host should be done through the on-site messaging system. On the listing page, click on the "Contact Host" button. You can send your host all questions regarding the place and your booking details. Once your booking is confirmed, all contact information (address, phone number, email address) will be shared.

Can I view the property before I book?

Usually booking and reservations can be completed without viewing the place in person. All our property listings have several pictures of the place, as well as reviews and recommendations from previous guests which can help you make yourdecision. If you need additional information from the host, you can message the host and request for more pictures or ask questions. In the unusual event that the host agrees to arrange a viewing, please contact us so we can facilitate this for you. We also ask that you complete the booking through the site so that we can continue to provide you with our customer services before, during and after your reservation and we can properly protect you from any payment scams.

What should I watch out for regarding scams?

Unfortunately, scams are a common problem especially for online transactions. To avoid these scammers, we recommend that you complete your booking through the travelmob site. As per our policy, your payment will only be released to the host 24 hours after you have checked-in. Any requests for payment outside of the travelmob system is most likely a scam. These include (but are not limited to) requests for payment using: Western Union, MoneyGram, Cashiers Check or Money Order Liberty Reserve

Manage your account

Do I have to complete my profile?

Completing your profile is important so you can share your information to the rest of the travelmob community - potential hosts and other guests. This can also help you save time as you don't have to repeat basic information about yourself to every potential host you message. Some hosts also make it a requirement for guests to have a complete profile in order to confirm their booking.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

1. Click on the Forgot Password link.
2. Enter your email address and you will be sent a new password.

How do I change my password?

1. On your Dashboard, go to My Account.
2. Then go to Settings.
3. Enter your new password.

Do you link users to my Facebook profile?

No, we don't link anyone to your Facebook account. travelmob only uses the Facebook link to pull basic pieces of information when a reservation is being made so that a host and guest can know a little more about each other. The information that is transferred is your school, your work, any networks you're a part of, and the "About Me" section. You can control what information is provided to travelmob by setting your privacy preferences on Facebook.

Finding a Place

What is the difference between a shared room and a private room?

Both a shared and private room means that the host will also be at the location while you're there. A shared room is a common space, like a living room or you will be sharing the room with other guests while a private is a room of your own. You can also book the entire place, meaning you will have the entire place to yourself.

What do the check-in/check-out dates mean?

Check-in is the day you arrive at your destination. Check-out is the day you leave the location.

I'd like to see more pictures of the place. How can I do this?

You can send a message to the host using the on-site messaging system and request the host to upload more photos of the place.

Why can't I see the exact address of a place?

Only the street view of the listing, not the exact address, is displayed. This is to protect our host's privacy. We display the street view to let potential guests get a feel of the neighborhood - the available amenities in the area, its proximity to public transportation or other areas you are interested in, etc.
You can also send a message to the host to ask more specific questions about the location and the neighborhood.
The exact address will be shared with you once your booking is confirmed.

How do I know if the place is available for the dates that I want?

You can check the availability of a place using the Calendar on the listing page. However, some hosts do not keep their calendars up to date, so we suggest that you send a message to the host to confirm the place's availability.

I am travelling with a group of friends. I am unsure if the place I want can accommodate our group. How do I check this?

You can check how many guests a place can accommodate on the listing page. You can also send a message to the host using the on-site messaging system to confirm with them directly how many people the place can accommodate.

I have questions about the place - key exchange, parking, others. Who should I ask?

You can check the Description, Amenities and House Rules sections of the listing to find more information about the place. If you still have more questions, you can ask your host for more information about the place. To do this, click on the "Contact Host" button from the listing page.

I am travelling on business and trying to find a place near the business district. How do I go about it?

To help you narrow down your search to the type of experience you want on your holiday (e.g. You only want to look at places in or around the business district.), you can select the experience tags on the search results. To do this:
On the Search results page, select "Central" in the "I'm interested in" section.
By using these experience tags, you can filter your search results to display only the experience that is relevant to you. For example, if you want to splurge on your wedding anniversary holiday in Bali, you can select "luxury" and "romantic" to find listings in Bali that offer these experiences.

I'm travelling with my pet. Will this be a problem?

Some hosts don't allow pets. Please send a message to your host to confirm this.

How do I find out more information about the listing?

You can check the Description, Amenities and House Rules sections to get more information about the place. If you still have more questions, you can send a message to the host directly by clicking on "Contact Host" on the listing page.

The place I am interested in doesn't have photos nor reviews.

Some hosts do not complete their listing page and don't upload photos. You can send them a message to request them to complete their profile and to upload photos of the place. If they do not have reviews, it means that they have not had any reservations through the travelmob site previously.


Should I still book if I have not heard back from the host?

We discourage you from completing a booking if a host has not responded to your messages. We suggest that you message other hosts in the area. Once you have heard back from the host and have all your questions answered, you can book that place and assured that your reservation will be accepted.

The "Contact Host" button is not working. Help!

Sometimes some feature may not work on Internet Explorer when we are doing updates and maintenance on the site. If you have any problems with the site's functions, please try using a Firefox or Safari browser to access the travelmob site.
Also, note that a message will be marked with a red flag if it includes a phone number or email address. Check that your message does not include any contact details so it can be sent successfully.
If you are still having problems with the messaging system, please contact us.

I sent a message to a host, but haven't heard back. What should I do?

We recommend that you send messages to several hosts in the city or area you are travelling to.


When I tried to book, the rates were different than listed?

Some hosts may have variable pricing. You can check the Calendar to see if a different rate is offered for certain dates. The hosts may also mention this in the Description page so you can check here to confirm. You can also send a message to the host to confirm the actual rates for your chosen dates.

What happens after I submit a reservation request to a host?

When you send reservation request, your host will be alerted about your reservation dates. Your host will have 48 hours to respond to your request. We will inform you when your host accepts or declines your request.
You will only be charged when your host accepts your reservation request. When your host doesn’t respond to your request within 48 hours, your reservation request will automatically expire and you will not be charged for that reservation.

My reservation request is still "Pending". What should I do?

Your host will have 48 hours to accept or decline your reservation request. We send a reminder to the host for any "Pending" reservations and if your host doesn't accept or decline your reservation, this will automatically expire after 48 hours.
You will only be charged when your host accepts your reservation request.

Where can I view my pending reservation requests?

1. Go to "My Trips".
2. Click on the "Upcoming Reservations" tab to view your pending reservation request.
You can also cancel the reservation request from this page.

How much time does a host have to respond to my reservation request?

Hosts have 48 hours to accept or decline the reservation request. We will send you an email to let you know if your request was accepted or declined your request.
You will only be charged when your host accepts your reservation request. When your host doesn’t respond to your request within 48 hours, your reservation request will automatically expire and you will not be charged for that reservation.

How do I find out if Special Offers are available for the place I want to book?

Some hosts offer special rates, depending on the availability of the place. Check the listing's calendar to see if any special rates are available.

I thought I booked it already. What happened? How can I confirm my booking?

To check your reservation confirmation, go to "My Trips" to view your itinerary. You will also receive a confirmation email. If you can't find the confirmation here, it means that the reservation is not complete in the system. To complete your reservation, go to the listing page and click "Book it". Your host will have 24 hours to accept or decline your request.

Does my host have a deposit and how much is it?

The host may ask for a security deposit upon arrival, but this must be disclosed in advance. It is up to you to decide if you are comfortable with the deposit. You can look at previous reservations and reviews to help make your decision. Under no circumstance should you send a security deposit in advance, prior to arrival. In the event that there is a dispute over a host holding the deposit, we will ask the host to provide pictures/a receipt to substantiate holding the deposit. This being said, the host has the final say over the deposit. We monitor our hosts to make sure there is not an underlying pattern of withholding the security deposit.


Why do I have to use your own payment system?

Our payment system is set up so that guests are assured that their payment is handled in a secure and reliable way. This also protects both parties from scams, which are unfortunately common in online transactions. When the host accepts your reservation request, you will be charged the full price upfront. travelmob will hold on to your payment until 24 hours after you check-in. If you choose to cancel your reservation, you will be refunded in accordance with your host's cancellation policy. Please do not send payment to the host outside of travelmob's payment system. This is against our Terms of Use and prevents us from extending protection to your payment in cases of fraud.

What is the guest fee structure?

travelmob will charge a Guest Service fee of 12% of your total booking amount.

Do I have to pay online?

Yes, travelmob supports payment either by credit card or via PayPal. Cash, check or payment in person is not allowed.
If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can easily set up your account on the PayPal site.

I don't feel comfortable paying upfront. Can I pay upon arrival?

All reservations through travelmob requires full payment to be made upfront as soon as the reservation is confirmed. travelmob will hold on to your payment until 24 hours after you have checked-in.

I'm ready to book. What payment methods can I use?

You can make payment using your credit card (all major credit cards are accepted) or via PayPal.

Do you support foreign currencies?

We support some foreign currencies, but not all. Select your preferred currency from anywhere in the site by clicking on the currency link at the top of the page. When searching and booking for places, the rates will be displayed in your preferred currency. Please note that normal currency conversion rates will apply.
Please note that PayPal doesn't support payments in CNY (Chinese Yuan Renminbi), JPY (Japanese Yen), and VND (Vietnamese Dong). If you prefer to pay in CNY, JPY or VND, please use your credit card.

When will I be charged for my booking?

You will be charged the full amount upfront as soon as your booking is confirmed. travelmob will hold on to your payment until 24 hours after you check-in, after which we will transfer the payment to your host.

Are there any additional or hidden fees that I should know about?

In addition to the booking price, tax, cleaning fee or any additional fees should be listed in the Description page of the place. You can also send a message to the host to confirm if they will be charging you any additional fees. travelmob will also charge a Guest Service fee of 12% of your total booking.

If a reservation request is declined or expires, will I still get charged?

No. Payment will only be charged when a reservation request is accepted.

Can I get a receipt for my reservation?

Yes, you can view and print your receipt.
1. Go to "My Trips"
2. Print your itinerary from the "Upcoming Trips" or "Previous Trips".

Before, During and After your stay

How do I check-in once I arrive at my accommodation?

You can arrange with your host directly on check-in details (check-in time,etc.) after your reservation is confirmed. You don't need to notify us that you have checked-in at your accommodation.

The host is asking me for money to ship the keys. Do I have to pay it?

Before sending your host money for keys (or for any other purpose), please contact us

What is the check-in time?

Please send a message to your host to find out the check-in and check-out details (check-in time, late check-in, late check-out, etc).

Who will make travel arrangements once I reach my destination?

It is your responsibility to make travel arrangements once you reach your destination. You can check with your host for advice on the best way to travel around the city (e.g. from the airport to your accommodation). However, these arrangements should be your responsibility.

How do I get the keys to the place I booked?

Once your booking is confirmed, you can arrange the key exchange and other details with your host directly. If you want to confirm this information before booking a place, you can also send a message to the host using the on-site messaging system.

What happens if the host is a no-show?

travelmob will hold on to your payment 24 hours until after you check-in. If the host is not there on your arrival, please contact us immediately and we will freeze the transfer of your payment. The host will not receive your payment and will be fined on our site. We will also help you to find alternative accommodations.

The number of guests have changed. What should I do?

Contact your host directly for any changes to your reservation. Please note that your reservation rates are set on specific terms, if those have changed, new charges may apply.

My travel dates have changed . How do I change my reservation dates?

1. Go to "My Trips".
2. Click on the Upcoming Trips or Current Trips tab.
3. Then Change or Cancel.
Change your travel dates and wait for the host to accept your revised travel dates.

I contacted my host after booking, but there was no response. What should I do?

Once a reservation is accepted, both parties'contact details will be shared. We suggest that you contact your host directly to discuss details of your trip (e.g. arrival time, flight information, direction from the airport,etc.) If your host doesn't respond to your emails or phone calls, please contact us

Can I print my itinerary?

1. Got to "My Trips".
2. Click on the "Upcoming Trips" tab to find your reservation. You can print your itinerary from here.


What are the cancellation policies?

Each listing has one of three cancellation policies. You can find the cancellation policy of a place in the Description section of a listing. The cancellation policies range from Flexible to Strict. Please review the Cancellation Policies before you book.

How do I cancel my reservation?

1. Go to "My Trips".
2. Click on the "Upcoming Trips" tab and Change or Cancel.
A refund will be issued to you based on the host's cancellation policy. However, the service fee is non-refundable.

My host canceled my reservation. What should I do?

If your host officially cancels your reservation, you will receive an email from travelmob that will direct you to alternative places that are available, and also a coupon code. If you dont receive this cancellation email but your host claims to have canceled your reservations, please contact us.

I am cutting my trip short and want to cancel the rest of my reservation. How can I do this?

Please contact your host directly if you want to cancel your remaining nights. Refund for the remaining nights will depend on your host's cancellation policy.

How long will it take to receive my refund?

You will receive your refund immediately.

Will I receive a refund in the event of any natural disasters?

In cases of natural disasters, we will still uphold the cancellation policy set by the host. We do encourage our hosts to issue refunds in these events, however, it is still the host's decision to issue a refund. We recommend that you purchase travel insurance to protect you against total loss of funds.

Reviews and Recommendations

What are References?

References allow you to get recommendations from other registered users, or allow you to invite friends or past hosts (from reservations completed outside of travelmob) to sign and leave a testimonial stating that you are a reputable person. This is particularly useful if you are trying to book for the first time. If you're a guest, references will appear on your profile page.

How do I get References?

To get References, go to your Dashboard > My Account > Get Recommendations. From this page you can send a link to your friends or invite them through the site to leave a reference. Your friend will subsequently receive an email from travelmob, directing them to a References page. (FYI, they must create an account on travelmob to leave a reference!).

How do reviews work?

Reviews act as testimonials for hosts and guests to share their experiences with the rest of the travelmob community. After your stay, you will receive an email from us requesting you to leave a feedback for your host. In the same way, your host will also receive a feedback request from us. Once your review has been submitted, it will be displayed on your profile.

What if I don't have any reviews?

In the absence of reviews, you can request for references instead.
To get references from friends:
1. Click on "Get References".
2. Enter your friends' email addresses and click "Invite your friends".
Your friends' reviews will also be displayed on your profile.

Can I see a map of the listing?

Yes, from the listing page click on the "Map" tab to see the approximate location on a Google map.


Be a travelmob Host

Who can list with travelmob?

How do I list my place on travelmob?

How much does it cost to list in travelmob?

I live in a small town. Can I list my place?

How do I add a listing? Can I list multiple places?

I can't find my city. What should I do?

How can I create an attractive listing?

How can I take good photos of my place?

How much should I charge?

I only know how to boil hot water for instant noodles. Do I have to serve breakfast?

Um, should I be worried about strangers staying in my place?

How do I get better ranking on the travelmob search results?

How can I get featured on the travelmob homepage?

How do I promote my listing?

How do I get more bookings?

Can I call or email potential guests before they book?

A guest requests to see my place before booking. What should I do?

What are experience tags?

Manage Your Account

How do I edit my listing?

How do I add photos to my listing?

Does my listing need to have photos?

How do I change the order of my photos?

How do I set availability dates?

How do I set different rates for my listing?

How do I delete my listing?

How can I create discounted or special rates for my listings?


What should I do after I receive a reservation request?

How much time do I have to reply to a reservation request?

How do I approve my reservation request?

Why do some guests don't have a profile and profile picture?

Do I have to give the guest keys?

How do I collect my cleaning fee?

Can I collect a security deposit?

How do I collect taxes for the booking?

Can I give my guests another room, different from the one they booked?

Getting Paid

Why do you have your own payment system?

What is the host fee?

How do I get paid?

When do I get paid?

When do I get paid?

My guest has checked in but I have not yet received payment. What is taking so long?

Do you support foreign currencies?

Will I need to pay income taxes on my earnings?

If I rent out my place for half a year on travelmob, how will I get taxed?


What are the cancellation policies?

What happens if the guest cancels their reservation?

How can I issue the guest a refund?

Something came up on the dates I have already approved. Can I still cancel the reservation?

Guest Reviews & Friend Recommendations

How do reviews work?

How do I earn reviews?

Can I delete guest reviews I don't like?

What if I don't have any reviews?

What are friend recommendations?

How do I request for friend recommendations?