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Whether you want to splurge on a luxurious villa in Bali or looking to share an affordable room in Hanoi, we’ll help you find the right place.


Send message to several hosts through the on-site messaging system to find out more about their place.


When you find the right place, book it! You will only be charged once your host accepts your reservation request.


Leave a review for your host. Highlight experiences that made your stay memorable.


Whether you have a yacht or a spare single room, you can list any space for free.


Talk to potential guests to get to know them better before you welcome them to your home.


Receive your payment 24 hours after the guest checks in via PayPal or bank transfer.


Leave a review for your guest. Share your hosting experience with the travelmob community.

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travelmob Etiquette 101s

By following these simple do’s and don’ts, we can ensure an enjoyable stay for the guest and host.


Show your appreciation to your host for welcoming you into their home.

Communicate your travel dates

Before you head to the airport, send your host your travel details (i.e. your check in/out dates and estimated arrival time.) If there are any changes to these dates and timing, let your host know right away.

Keep yourself informed

Before you check-in, take time to read through your host’s house rules and cancellation policy. If your host didn’t set any house rules, ask your host when you check-in so you avoid any misunderstandings.

Respect the space

The place you are renting is someone’s home, treat it like you would your own. Keep the place neat and be mindful of your host’s belongings.

Be courteous

Before you head out for the day, make sure that you let your host know what time you expect to be back to avoid any inconvenience.

Be considerate

If you are sharing the place with your host or other guests, be considerate of the use of the common areas, like the shared bathroom and kitchen. Keep these areas clean after use.

Don’t invite other people to your place before clearing this with your host first. It is common courtesy to check with your host before inviting others into his/her home.

Be aware of cultural differences

Take note of the basic etiquette in your destination. Here are some common practices across Asia Pacific:

  • Asians are typically more formal, especially on first meeting. Following the basic greetings in your destination is polite and shows that you have an interest in the culture.
  • Traditionally, shoes are not worn inside homes in countries such as India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Usually, shoes are removed and left (neatly, of course!) in the foyer before entering the home.
  • If your host invites you to join their family for a meal, wait for the eldest member or the head of family before you start eating. This is to show respect for the family. If you are using chopsticks, remember to follow the acceptable use of chopsticks (gesturing with the chopsticks or spearing your food with them are seen as rude, don’t leave your chopsticks standing in a bowl of rice or other food as this is seen as a resemblance of sticks of incense in a bowl used to honour the dead ancestors)
  • In Philippines, it is customary for hosts to serve a snack to guests. Accept the offer and consume the food. Declining is considered rude to the host. Also, be prepared to sing a song or two at the family’s karaoke session.
  • In Vietnam, it is frowned upon for unmarried couples to share a room. Clear with your host first if this setup is acceptable to him/her before you book.
  • If you are staying at a Muslim home, remember that the Muslims practice halal dietary restrictions. Remember this when bringing in food into their home.

Leave a review for your host

Share your experience to the rest of the travelmob community. Highlight helpful and thoughtful gestures from your host that made your stay enjoyable.


A pleasant stay will leave a memorable travel experience for your guest.

Share important details ahead of time

Before your guest arrives, share your home’s complete address (directions from the airport would also be helpful) and your contact details. Also, arrange the key exchange with your guest. If you can’t welcome your guest personally, arrange with a friend or associate to meet with your guest.

Prepare your place

Make your place clean & cozy. Be sure that all beddings and towels are fresh & clean, bathrooms are clean and the toiletries are well-stocked. If cleaning service is not provided, let your guest know where fresh linen and towels are stored.

Go the extra mile

It would be good to provide some basic items for your guest’s comfort - the usual items are hair dryer, water heater, even some light snacks like coffee and biscuits.

Share your house rules

We suggest that you complete the house rules section on your listing page so you communicate these to your guests early on. Or, share your house rules upon your guest’s arrival.

Do a quick tour

After your guest checks in, show your guest to his/her room, the designated bathrooms and common areas. In the kitchen, you can show where all the dishes and utensils are stored.

Do something special

Do something a little different to make your guest’s stay memorable. Welcome your guest with a personal note or even offer local treats. Thoughtful gestures like providing slippers to use inside your home or city maps, sharing some of the cool places to visit in your city or letting your guest know of convenience stores, banks, train stations in your neighborhood would be much appreciated. These little gestures will make your guest feel welcome to your home. Guests also tend to take note of these memorable experiences when writing their reviews.

Make yourself available

Share your contact details with your guest so that he/she can reach you for any questions or concerns.

Leave a review for your guest

Share your experience to the rest of the travelmob community. Tell us your positive experiences with your guest that made your hosting experience successful