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Visit the Party Center of Manila, Malate
Been traveling around the Philippines? Getting bored with all the sightseeing? If that’s the case, look no further than Malate, dubbed the center of night-like in the district of Metro Manila. Read on to find out how you can make the most of this beautiful party town!

About Malate
Malate is a town in the district of Manila in the Philippines. The word “Malate” originates from the word “Maalat”, meaning salty. Originally a fishing village, Malate was occupied by the Spanish and was an important religious center thanks to the Malate Church. The United States annexed Malate in 1898 and had grand plans of turning Malate into a grand city for American residency. During WW2, however, most of the city was almost wiped out but managed to stand the brutality of the war.
Malate opened up its doors to artists and performers in the early 1980s and is also one of the first to boast an LGBT village in the district.
Today, Malate serves as a supplementary travel destination to those visiting the main town of Manila. The city’s party culture will ensure that you come back for a second, then a third!

Getting to Malate
Since Malate is more or less an extension of Manila, the capital city, getting to Malate will not be a problem for travelers. The usual procedure is to travel to Manila and then book a cab or bus to Malate from there, as the distance is only around 6km. Here we list a few options of getting to Manila first:
By air - Manila is served by the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, located around 7km from the main city. Major airlines like AirAsia, Cathay Pacific, Philippine Airlines, etc make routine flights through the International airport. The airport is connected by bus, trains and taxi/jeepney, so inter-city travel is not an issue. From here, booking any one of the services to Malate is the best option.
By bus - The municipal bus service provides regular buses that ply all around the city. You would not be hard-pressed to find one that takes you to Malate.
Taking a cab - Once you’ve reached Manila, taking a cab is also an inexpensive way of getting to Malate. Beware of the drivers, however, as some of them may tamper with the fare meter.

What to see and do in Malate
Malate might be short on conventional tourist attractions, but they are there. The real fun, however, lies in the area’s party scene like we mentioned before!
Before we get to the partying, here is a short list of what you can see around the city:
- Malate church: also known as the Our Lady Of Remedies Church, it is known to be a healing center for pregnant women in the event of any difficulties. Located in proximity to Malate Bay, the church contains the idol of the Virgin Mary as the Lady of Remedies.
The Philippines Sports Stadium, one of the first in the country. It is also known as the New Era University Stadium. It is also the biggest stadium in the country with a seating capacity of 25,000.
- The Manila Zoological and botanical gardens, with over 90 species of animals, 1000 animals in all. It is also home to the Wildlife Rescue Center.
- Manila Bay, offering a great sunset view of the city. The Malate Church is also located nearby the Bay.
- Intramuros, one of the oldest historic walled cities within Manila. It is guarded by Fort - Santiago, and is a place of wartime significance when it was bombed by the Japanese.
San Andres Market, the main market of Manila. Great opportunity for souvenir shopping.
- Harrison Plaza, the city’s first enclosed mall. Visit here if you find the district shopping centers too boring.
- Tours are available for areas like Malate itself and Intramuros, which we recommend to get the best value for money.

If you’ve seen all that and are aching to have a good time partying, we suggest you check out the following places based on local recommendations:
- Malate is known for street parties organized on the main roads, specifically Maria Orosa, Julio Nakpil, Adriatico and Remedios.
- Tia Maria, a street with live music and various eateries.
- Socialista, a dance club and pub in one
- Cafe Havana

Getting around Malate
Getting around Malate is like getting around any other Filipino locality. You have a wide range of options since you are in the main district.
Bus - Both private and the municipal transport corporations ply regular buses with routes in English, around the city. Making your way around in the buses should not be too hard.
Jeepney - A jeepney is a fun and economical way of getting around the city. Jeepneys are WW2 era military jeeps that are converted into commercial vehicles by individuals or companies. Jeepneys are usually cheaper than the other modes of transport in the city.
Cab - For added privacy, a taxi is always a decent option. However, as we mentioned before, please do remember to check the fare meter and ensure it hasn’t been tampered or that the driver is not cheating you.

Staying in Malate
Staying at Malate is no different from any other place in the Philippines. You have the option of high-end resorts but also a lot of student dormitories and budget homestays. Staying at Manila itself is recommended as you can easily get a bus or cab to Malate anytime. If you want a room with a good view, find a room near the Malate Bay area.
Why not use Homeaway to find those rooms for you?

Food in Malate
Since Malate is a relatively urban center, finding the food of your choice should not be an issue as there are also a wide variety of restaurants and eateries. However, we recommend you try the local delicacies like Adobo, Banana-que and many more.