Pasig City, once a rural residential area, was declared the “Selfiest City in the World” by TIME Magazine in 2014. The city is one of the most urbanized areas in Philippines, which is one of the oldest municipalities in the country, dating its formation back to the 16th century. Legend says that, the origin of the city’s name “Pasig” comes from a Sanskrit word which means, a river flowing from one body to another. 85% of the land is attributed to residential, commercial, industrial and institutional use, while 15% of land is covered by agriculture. In addition to the commercial importance, tourism has contributed largely to Pasig’s income.

How to Reach Pasig City
Philippines is an archipelago, or a group of islands, hence air travel is the easiest option of reaching Pasig City for international tourists. Once in the country, you can drive around or get a taxi to reach your destination.
Airport - Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila is the closest international airport to Pasig City and it is less than 15 kms away. The airport is a crowded one, and was once featured among the worst airports. However, things are changing and international passengers have found the airport to be better in recent years.

Main Attractions
The city is a growing commercial centre, but has its own share of landmarks and historical attractions.
- Immaculate Conception Cathedral: Better known as Pasig Cathedral, this Roman Catholic Church has been in existence since the municipality was created in 16th century. The stone church was badly hit by the 1968 earthquake, and the current structure was rebuild then. The church was converted into cathedral in 2003 and is the major religious landmark of the city.
- Pasig City Museum: The building formerly known as Concepcion Mansion, built in 1937, was the headquarters of the Japanese. It was converted to Pasig Museum in 1980, to showcase the rich history of the city. It is located adjacent to Plaza Rizal.
- Tiendesitas: This place sells all kinds of Filipino commodities ranging from bags to footwear to furniture and the like. Pet lovers would love this place as it lets owners to roam in the mall with pets.
- Bahay Na Tisa: This is the ancestral home of Tech family and is not open to public yet. It has been venue to many landmark meetings during Martial Law.
- Mutya ng Pasig Public Market: The three storied building houses the largest public market in Philippines, housing 2000 plus fixed stall and 2000 plus stalls used during weekends in the flea market
- Tektite Towers: The 34-storied twin tower houses Philippino Stock Exchange and offers remarkable view of the city.
- Cuartel del Guardia Civil: Also known as Guanio Residence, this prison has a monumental place in Philippine history.
- Rainforest: An excellent option to go for picnics and kite flying.
- Dona Geronima’s Cave: A legendary cave situated in the banks of Pasig River.
There are a number of malls, night clubs, casinos etc. across the city to quench your shopping and entertainment ambitions.

Places to Stay
The Ortigas Centre area has a number of options to choose your stay from as low as $30 to high end five-star business hotels. If you want to be in the thick of the city, you might want to pick a place from this locality. Dance clubs, bars and nightlife are in your vicinity, if you choose to stay in this area.
Makati City is another area where you can choose from a number of places, in case you want to stay away from the busy Ortigas Centre. It has good connectivity with Pasig City.
If being near the airport is your city and want to be at the best of hotels in the country, you may choose Manila which is just half an hour away from Pasig City.
It is also fairly easy to book an apartment or homestay in Pasig City. Such a stay adds to the local flavour in your trip and fits into the budget as well.

Eateries in Pasig City
Ortigas Centre offers all kinds of food and it is up to you to choose from the traditional Filipino restaurants, fine dining or buffet offerings.
- Café 1771, Cable Car, Where’s Marcel, Moonshine P.U.B, Buddy’s etc are a few worthy Filipino eateries for casual dining.
- Lung Hin - Marco Polo Hotel, Atelier Vivanda, Mamou, La Cabrera, Lartizan etc. can be chosen from for fine dining experiences.
- Richmond Café, Cucina – Marco Polo Hotel, Café Millenia etc gives you a chance for all-you-can-eat buffet meals.
- Isla Una, Sky High Bar, Barcino, Central BBQ Boy Grill etc are some of the notable pubs and bars in the area.
- Alfredo’s Steaks, Meat Depot, Blake’s Wings & Steaks, CRU Steakhouse, Stockton Place etc. may be chosen if steak is in the mind.

Getting Places
Jeepeny - The most popular travel mode in Pasig City. These are shared jeeps/Taxis which are available in plenty across the city. You can get a ride from Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City and take you across the city.
Metro Rails & Buses - Metro Rail Transit has a station in Ortigas and connects other areas of the city. Buses can be boarded near Robinson’s Galleria to commute across the city.
Tricycles & Pedicabs - Available to travel in smaller residential areas.
Taxis - Taxis are available to travel across the city, but can be more expensive than the shared taxis.
River Ferries - There are river services available in the area through Pasig River connecting Metro Manila and other islands.